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What needs to be checked while match making for Marriage (Kundali Milan)

One must consider the finer points while matching of horoscope for marriage purpose. It is most important to consider these points to avoid any mishappening after the fixing the relationship. Ashtakoot Milan which generally we see for matching of points having 36 gunas,but this is not enough to come to any conclusion. Normally people see on a computer that the points are 18 or more and they consider it sufficient. This should not be done like this. It should be got There are many other things to compare in both the horoscopes Following points must be considered for finalising the match.

1. Grah Maitri should be given the top priority, because today both ususally are educated and equally capable of doing multitasking, so if friendship comes the first thing in a relationship which can consolidate the relationship. Today women are equally taking to higher education and need a space for theselves to advance in life.We are moving towards a modern world where both a boy and a girl are on equal footing Hence first of all friendship is needed whichNot only cnsolidate the bonding between the two but also it removes many doshas in the kundali.
2. Bhav Milan is also one of the most important aspect which takes into account the elements of the sign.Element of the sign should also be checked, for example earth sign is compatible with earth sign or with water sign and fire sign can be compatible with fire or air sign. This should be checked in Moon rashi as well as Ascendent.
3. Seventh house and seventh lord position in both the horoscope should be judged.Seventh house or seventh lord should not be in paapkartari yoga.
4. Navamsa kundali of both should be analysed like birth chart and the placement of seventh lord of birth chart in navamsa kundali.
5. Prescence of malefics in kendras is not desirable but if there are then it should be matched in both kundalis to neutralize the effects.
6. Karakas of marriage Venus for boys and Jupiter for girls should be analysed properly, they should be free from malefic association.
7. The Moon Rashis of both should not be same and if they are same then nakshatra should be different and the least is if nakshatras are also same then nakshatra pada should be different.
8. Best placement of the Moon Rashis of boy and girl will be 4 th and 10 th from each other to have a blissful life. There are other combinations which can be good for match.
9. Dasha of both should be favourable for taking this relationship forward and in a positive way.
10. Prescence of raj yoga will certainly boost the relationship after marriage.
11. Mangal dosh should be well matched to avoid any complications after marriage.

The above factors are some of the important for the purpose of matching and requires an expert astrologe’s opinion to come to a certain conclusion.The above criteria willcertainly be liked by both the familities who are entering into a relationship for their own benefit.Other than these the samskars of the familities do play an important role in making he marriage a success. In our Indian culture we have been very committed and move in a relationship keeping in mind that whatever differences are there in two dfferent personalities, they need to develop understanding and and move in tandem for the ultimate goal of a peaceful , loving and progressive family.

What we are seeing today in our society,the number of divorce cases are increasing that is the result of nfluence of western culture. We should follow our own culture and traditions as it is the the best in the world. Marriage is a relationship for a long term commitment. It’s an institution in itself and in India we have followed our traditional family structure It involves Emotional intimacy, raising a family, love, romance, sex life and progeny are all the part of a relationship. We always in our back of mind move in a
relationship with the sole objective of making it a lifelong commitment. A couple enter into a relationship for a long term basis and astrology is helpful in such crucial matters which decides the life of togetherness for two individuals and their families. By examining he horoscope an astrologer needs to assess the nature of a boy and girl. Both should have flexible temperament. The boy should be
reasonably be elder to the girl.If there is a widowhood combination in any of the chart, it should be handled with utmost care. In such cases a partner is selected with poorna ayu. As a remedial measure the marriage is solemenised with a people tree , lord Vishnu or kumbh before actual marriage ceremony takes place. Other than these a boy or girl born in gandamoola nakshatra like Aslehsa,Moola, Jyeshtha and also Vishakha akshatra are susceptible to untoward happening in general. Proper care should be taken for matching of these horoscopes. There are certain other things which are popular in south india like Rajju koot milan, stree dirgha milan and Vedha.

Once this is done although it becomes sometime very difficult to find such perfect partners, but still the more nearer the better it is. Once a marriage is finalised and performed, married couple should perform such activities which promote their relationship.

  • Couple should take time to understand each other as to their nature and other habits and should try to adjust with each other. This is very important when specially a girl is moving into a new environment totally, boys family should take full responsibility to make her comfortable and give space to her for adjusting into new environment.
  • Both have a huge responsibility to make their relationship a success and hence they should appreciate each other on small things make a better partner. For every little effort using the appreciation works wonders. Practice honesty in a relationship.
    Keep a Tulsi plant at home for better intimacy and bonding. Offer Kumkum, turmeric, and water to the plant daily.
  • Both partners should fast on Fridays do puja of Goddess Laxmi. It will sweeten the relationship.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranama and recite Gayatri Mantra daily 108 times. This will generate harmony in the relationship.
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