Unfold your destiny by getting solutions through Vedic astrology. Astrology uses scientific basis of astronomy to understand psychology traditional beliefs and divination behind the entire process.

It’s not only a belief but the cardinal tenant of hindu faith which gets revalidated and reinforced again and again and find verified evidence of re-incarnation of persons who remembered their past life. No one can escape it birth after birth, they give their results. Karma’s recognize its doers just as calf recognizes her mother in a herd.
One’s karmas are like treasures which are safeguarded according to laws of scriptures. Time draws karma doers towards itself, just as fruits and flowers grow without inspiration, so do karma’s done in past life can’t transgress limits of their time when their fruits must manifest. Honours, dishonours, gains, losses, rise and fall all are the result of one’s own karmas. Stage by stage they are enjoyed or suffered as they are exhausted.

I am 66 year old  and working in corporate world all my life . I developed interest in astrology in 2003 when  I started reading books on astrology , since then I am applying my knowledge on a number of horoscopes  thus sharpening my  predictive tools . I have successfully completed jyotishacharya course from Bhartiya  vidya  bhawan , New Delhi.

My expertise and knowledge in these fields have helped thousands of my clients for the last fifteen years. For my contribution in serving people and making their lives better. I have read more than thousands of horoscopes and my guidance and remedies in all important areas of life like career, business, money, love, education, property, marriage, spouse, partnership, luck , personal matters, transfer, health, education ,life Reading, karmakanda, Vaastu, Muhurta have changed the lives of my clients and today they are leading a healthy, wealthy and happy life. I assured for my best guidance and effective remedies.

Despite having immense knowledge about astrology, I believe in ever enhancing my knowledge and skills about this field and hence, I always pursues new courses, attends seminars and other training programs. I am also an expert in telephonic astro counseling.

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