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March 22, 2020

What are the Pillars of a Natives Personality?

The Physical body( Sharir), Mind(mana) and soul (atman) and Samskaar are the four primary pillars of a native’s personality. From a horoscope, the physical body can be judged from the Ascendant or Lagna, Mind from the Moon and soul or atman from the Sun. For sanskaar we have to get some input from the native. We take one by one

Ascendant or Lagna: Lagna is the sign in a Horoscope that is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of a native. The exact degrees and the sign decides the lagna. Assessing the strength of lagna, we need to check the following

1.    Lord of lagna and its placement in the horoscope

2.    Lagna lord placed in lagna or aspects lagna makes it strong

3.    Association of benefic planets with lagna and lagna lord.

4.    Any Yoga being formed with the Lagna Lord.

5.    Lagna in shubh kartari yoga

All the above factors will make the physical personality of a native strong enough to lead a healthy life. If the lagna is weak a native may suffer health problems, however, there are remedies to overcome such weaknesses which if done properly will help the natives to lead a healthy life.

The Moon: The Moon is the karaka of mana or Mind. Natives thought the process is related to the Moon. Dasha periods start from the position of Moon in a horoscope. Its strong position will give the native a good memory, imagination and positivity to the native. The following positions indicate the strong position of the Moon.

1.    The Moon should occupy a Kendra or trikona sthana in a horoscope.

2.    Moon gains strength from Ashtami of Shukla paksha to full Moon and loses strength from the Saptami of Krishna paksha to Amavasya.

3.    Moon should have benefic planets on either side of its placement.

4.    It should be free from the malefic association.

5.    Strong Moon in its own house Cancer or is exalted in Taurus is most preferred.

The above factors will indicate that the native has a strong memory, mental strength, and good imagination power. However, if the Moon is weak, then there are remedies to strengthen and keep oneself free from any affliction.

The Sun: Sun represents atman, father, the government, and is karaka of ist and tenth house. The position of the sun in a horoscope will determine the willpower of a native. The strong position of the Sun will give name and fame to the native. Following the position of Sun will indicate the strength of the planet.

1.    Sun is good in 3rd, 6th,10th and 11th houses from lagna.

2.    Sun in its own house Leo or in Aries where it is exalted is good.

3.    Association with friendly planets like Jupiter, Mars, Moon, and mercury is good

4.    Planets on either side of the Sun form yogas which are beneficial.

5.    It should be free from the malefic association.

The above factors will indicate a strong personality with a large bone structure, strong will power, shining face, disciplinary, courageous and satvik in nature. If the sun is weak or debilitated in a horoscope, then remedies should be done to strengthen it.

SANSKAR: We need to have an interaction with the native whose analysis we are doing as its an important input, because there are so many births taking place at the same time and at the same place, their horoscopes are similar but the difference lies in their sanskaar which decides the destiny of a person.

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